Episode 4: First Firearms, Shooting Books, New Ranges, and Lead Safety

We’re back! In this episode we talk about how we each started shooting, and what our first firearms were. We also look at Reg Wale’s book The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting, explore the new range being built by the Municipal District of Taber, and learn a little about lead safety in the shooting sports.

You can see the drone footage of the new Taber shooting range here:

If you’re interested in taking a look at Reg’s Book, you can find it below:



Episode 3: News from the CSAAA Show, Bill C-230, competing in Precision Rifle Series

We’re back with our reactions from the CSAAA Show, Bill C-230, a feature on Alberta’s upcoming first Precision Rifle Series, and a comparison between the Swiss Arms SG550 and FAMAE SG540.

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We’re also intending to be up on iTunes and Stitcher this week! Stay tuned for that.

Episode 2: The Type 81, Turkish Shotguns, and a preview of the CSAAA Trade Show

In this episode we get ready to attend the CSAAA trade show in Calgary Alberta, follow up with Eley ammunition on the range, and delve into some legal discussion with the recent FRT reclassifications, Michigan’s new law allowing hunting with suppressors, and discuss the implications of Facebook’s policy towards firearms.

Episode 1: An introduction to Great Northern and post Shot Show news

Here we are, the first episode of Great Northern Firearms Radio is now available!

Fun fact, this show was recorded live inside a sea-can full of ammunition and rifles. Nothing makes for a good studio like surrounding yourself with thousands of rounds.